Bosch 1617 EVS – Air Deflector Plate

My Bosch router works great as a CNC spindle except for one small detail, it is designed to pull air through the router body and exhaust it out the bottom.


I’m sure this is a fine thing when it’s used as a manual router, but it causes problems when used as a CNC router due to the way it blows the dust and chips all over the place. This, in turn, causes the dust collector system to work extra hard to pick it up and there’s always some extra that gets wafted up into the air to settle wherever it might in the workshop.

So to solve the problem, I fired up Fusion 360 CAD and designed an air deflector plate that bolts onto the bottom of the router. And as you can see in the photos, now does a fine job of redirecting the air flow.


Here is a link to the build log where you can see more photos.

CNC Routers


CNC Routers

I have really enjoyed getting into building CNC routers. They have provided a lot of new capabilities for us in our various project builds by allowing us to custom make parts out of wood and metal that would be practically impossible to make any other way. I have built two CNC routers now, the first a largish table-top design based loosely around the ‘OX’ design put out by Mark Carew and OpenBuilds.


Bigger & Stronger

The second is a full-size 1500x1000mm machine of my own design. The first machine was a lot of fun to build but it had some limitations with respect to materials it could work with. I built the second one to get a bigger cutting envelope and the ability to work with a wider variety of materials.



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