First Blog Post

Howdy! Welcome to my new site. There’s not much here yet…. I guess I should probably put up some sort of a picture. Anyway, I got this site so we– my kids and I– can start keeping all of our stuff in one place. In the upcoming months the goal is to start migrating over project logs and albums that we’ve been keeping in other online locations to begin to chronicling our activities in a more comprehensive way. There’s only so much you can do with Google Photo Albums for instance. So we need a better way to start organizing all of these logs and records.

So hello and welcome aboard! Please feel free to follow along and make any comments, ask whatever questions, and do share links to your own projects and ideas. We’re always interested in seeing what other folks are up to.

I suppose I’m a little eclectic in getting updates up. It depends upon how busy I’ve been with work and “Honey-do’s” whether or not I’ve gotten in any time on projects. I try to plan stuff to do every weekend and sometimes it works out 😉 Whenever I accumulate enough progress that it seems like it could be interesting, I put up a new post. So maybe once a week or two on average, I’d say.

Thanks for stopping by!

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